Are You Seeking a Rat Exterminator at Your Home or Business?

Rat Facts You Should Know

Rats are an aggressive type of rodent that is capable of much damage to your location and spreading disease. In your home, they can damage your home’s insulation as well as chew through walls and floor joists. They also chew electrical cords and cables leaving you with a greater risk of electrical fires. Let a Rat Exterminator help you with this

The bigger risk with Rats is that they are capable of spreading several diseases and contaminating your food.  It might surprise you to note that the CDC, Center for Disease Control, has over ten diseases that are linked directly to rats. These vermin are known to transmit diseases including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Rat-Bite Fever, and Plague.

Rats though large in appearance are surprisingly agile and can get into your property through extremely tight openings. Like mice, they breed quickly and spread other unwelcome parasites such as lice, ticks, and fleas as they move.

Signs of a rat infestation include rat droppings, footprints and tail markings in the dust, rub marks, nests, and damage.  Rat droppings are dark brown and can appear as a large grain of rice.

Rub marks come from rats running along walls and baseboards leaving smudges from the grease and dirt on their body. They run routes near the walls due to their poor eyesight. The dark marks can last for some period, so they may not indicate current activity.

Since the rat’s teeth are constantly growing, they need to gnaw on plastic or wood to trim their teeth. This activity, especially around electrical cables, can leave you expose to damage and bare electrical wires. The damage to your electrical wiring, in turn, can cause fires.

What You Need in a Rat Exterminator

You need to find a rat exterminator that has the experience and skill to remove these rodents for good. Putting off a thorough inspection can result in additional damage very quickly. Not to mention, you would not want a family member or co-worker to become ill due to their exposure to rats.

Rats present a unique situation to exterminating them completely. They are quite mobile and can move in and out of your location with relative ease. Also, like mice, they are nocturnal in nature.  However, they are seen during the day as well. Trying to rid these pests without professional assistance can be a big mistake for the reasons just discussed.

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Reliant technicians have the skill and experience to put your pest and rodent problems behind you.

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