Have you seen evidence of a mouse or even seen one in your house?

Mouse Facts You Should Know

Let a mouse exterminator solve your problem.

I remember picking a loaf of bread up from the shelf, and something fell from beneath it.  Ehh, it was a mouse that had eaten a big hole into the side of the bread. Needless to say, I was not hungry any longer.

A mouse exterminator had to be contacted to eliminate the rodent and his or even worse her friends from my home.

Perhaps, you have seen a mouse or found such evidence of an infestation. The terrible fact is that mice live in groups. If you have one, then you very likely have more and are soon to have even more.  Mice will breed quickly with a litter of 5 to 8 babies born only 20 days after mating. A female mouse can easily produce 5-10 litters every year.

Mice can and will cause damage to your home, business and property. They are great jumpers and climb surprisingly easy to reach stuff you think is safe. They like to gnaw and are often able to find a home in places that are not easy for you to access. These places include walls, stored boxes, packed material and yes, even bread. Arghh!

A frustrating fact is that a mouse can get just almost anywhere. Mice only need to be able to fit their skull through an opening, often the size of pencil or ¼ of an inch. Having accomplished that, the rest of their body will easily follow.

While mice live in groups, they rarely travel farther than about 25 feet to reach a food source. If you see evidence of a mouse in different areas beyond that point, it is likely that you have more than one family in your home of business location.

What You Need in a Mouse Exterminator

By now, you are probably thinking, how can such a small rodent be such a big problem. You don’t want to set and handle traps or worst yet handle poisons to rid yourself of these pests. Another important consideration is that you likely lack the experience of how to remove this threat to your property.

An experienced exterminator will know what signs to look for to understand the infestation. They will know how to set the bait to treat your mouse problem. You need a professional technician that has the training and experience you need to exterminate your unwelcomed guests once and for all.

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