The Significance of an Exterminator in Fort Worth, TX

Have You Thought about The Importance of an Exterminator in Fort Worth, TX?


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An exterminator in Fort Worth, TX is a master of pest control which refers to the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest. These varieties can be adverse to people’s health, the ecology as well as the economy.

The National Insect Management Association indicates that public health officials credit the high quality of life we appreciate today to three key factors:
– Better Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines
– Better Sanitation
– and Better Pest Control

Consider that for just a moment. Many of you do not hesitate to visit your neighborhood drug store when you feel bad or get those vital vaccines. Moreover, that trash truck not making its weekly rounds might just have you a little uneasy. You want that stuff off of your curb, right? And yet, you will balk at calling an exterminator. That is until you have a full-blown problem of one kind or another.

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The Impact Exterminators Have On Us

As a profession, exterminators in Fort Worth, TX handle bed bugs, rats, mice, ants, fleas, roaches and lots of other insects. Lest, we forget one of the most destructive and costly of all, our friend the termite. Termites alone cost homeowners and company owner an estimated $5 Billion a year in damage repair.

Each year, rats bite more than 45,000 people probably spreading disease and death with each bite. By gnawing wires, rats can and have created fires. They transmit disease organisms such as the plague, salmonella, rat bite fever, murine typhus, leptospirosis, and trichinosis. Even today, rodents are known to contaminate or consume an estimated 20 percent of our food supply.

Have you heard the expression “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite”? Bed bugs were pretty scarce until more recent times. They are again becoming a more common threat to your peaceful sleep. Consider that Tarrant County Courthouse is now battling bed bugs for a reported first time in twenty-six years. Of course, pest control personnel were called in after identifying the infestation. Imagine though how that twenty-six year track record might have continued for years to come with some preventative treatment.

Cockroach removal and control is an important concern for residential properties, healthcare establishments, and other sites where food is prepared or served. Cockroaches spread filth and infect food merely by walking through contaminated areas. Their common attribution includes carrying yeasts, coliforms, clostridia, salmonella, molds, streptococcus, and staphylococci.

It just might amaze you to find out that seven to eight percent of people are allergic to cockroaches. Based on the list in the previous paragraph, there should be little doubt why. In fact, A study of Atlanta’s inner-city young people revealed that forty-four percent of children with severe wheezing and runny noses were allergic to cockroaches.

The fact is that it is shocking to the consider the true impact an exterminator actually has on all of us.

The Reveal: Exterminators Determine Your Health

Consider the possibility that several of the illnesses you have experienced are directly related to the lack of pest control at your residence, the place where you work or even a where you stopped to pick up your dinner. You must agree that it is really not a large stretch to see this as a fact.

Past history has shown us repeatedly that a little prevention can be far less costly than the cure. In 1348, the ‘Black Death’ entered into England through a port only to slay 30-50% of the population at that time. The carrier of the pathogen that caused the disease is believed to be rat fleas living on black rats that traveled the merchant ships.

Effective pest control management would have very likely saved many lives. However, it was not as prevalent back then to use the exterminators we have today. Consider in the three quality of life aspects explained earlier in this article that better pest control plays a crucial factor.

The North Texas area hosts many of the biggest cities in the nation including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and many others. We have millions upon millions of travelers from around the world constantly roam through our borders by land, air and yes even sea. After all, the Gulf is just a few hours away.

Are you encouraged that pest management is a significant responsibility in safeguarding the general public from risks of high-priced damages and other health-related aspects? The simple fact is that without these methods, health regulations, as well as food regulation and food sanitation, would not even be doable.

Exterminators in Fort Worth, TX play a huge part in always keeping us safe and healthy. Innovations in this field have shown to have increased our life expectancy from just 49 years for someone born in 1900 to 78 years for someone born in 2010. You could very well say that 29 additional years of life expectancy is rather significant.

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Based on a survey of the Army Community Service, insects and bugs rank at the public’s third largest fear behind public speaking and heights. Ninety-three percent of those surveyed shared a concern with finding an insect within their household. On a personal note, I know I unhinge at just the sight of a spider.

The North Texas weather patterns are not always very clear and easy to predict. However, it is clear; the patterns do always favor pests and rodents. Here, we typically do not have much of a winter season at all anymore. The relatively tougher winters of prior years did help better to control pests. Recently, the insect activity barely seems to stop for the winter season and then in the early spring bugs are back even stronger. I expect most would certainly acknowledge that it is the weather.

Have you realized that even mosquitoes have a much simpler time delivering diseases in this area than they did just a few years ago? Consider the current stories of the West Nile Virus transferred by mosquitoes reported in the area. According to reports, there is no vaccine or specific treatment for the virus. The only real remedy is to keep the mosquitoes away from you.

It does not cost all that too much for preventative extermination. You are most likely paying more to cover family illness and structural residential property damages for not acting sooner with an exterminator. If only you could connect the cause and effect of damage to your property as well as you and your family’s health issues.

Whether in the home or your work location, pests and rodents are a part of life here in North Texas. Responding to manage them year-round will make your life that much more satisfying and very possibly a little less pricey.

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